Bear Attractants

Northwoods Bear Products are known throughout the US and Canada as absolutely the best bear attractant line in the game today.  Gold Rush is the flagship product, its been used when harvesting 3 of 5 top US record black bear and 2 of 3 largest Wisconsin black bear in HISTORY!  Using the products together is the most effective strategy.

Gold Rush- Mix 1-2 oz with 5 gallons of fryer grease and spread all around and over your bait pile or hunting area.  The strong butterscotch smell is irresistible to bears & after they walk through it, they'll carry that strong scent down the trail which will bring in more!

Super Sweet Powders- 5 Scents to choose from, they are all 500 times sweeter than sugar and have extremely potent smells.  Sprinkle over your bait pile or even over a rotted log and watch as the bear come in quickly to check it out.  Also works great as a cover scent.

Scent Sprayers-  Spray the surrounding trees and let the wind do the rest, the strong aroma will carry for hundreds of yards, sometimes a mile plus.  Sweet and savory smells wafting through the woods have the bear drooling as they head your way.


Northwoods Bear Products... Turning Nocturnal Bears in to Daytime Bears