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Northwoods Bear - Bear Attractant Spray (6 Scents)

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Our Spray Scents are HIGH QUALITY and VERY aromatic. They are great for an attractant sprayed either on the bait pile, foliage around the bait pile and also in the foliage around the platform or treestand you are hunting from as a COVER SCENT. Our HEAVY DUTY Sprayers will reach out to 20 feet or can be set to a fine mist. They are available in Anise, Bacon, Gold Misty, Blueberry, Butterscotch & Donut.
  • Strong Scent Attractant, Can Be Used as a Cover Scent
  • 32 oz Bottle with Sprayer, Shoot steam up to 20 feet
  • Spray into Trees Around Your Hunting or Baiting Area
  • Northwoods Bear Products is the Industry Leading in Bear Attractants
  • Please Consult Your Local Laws and Follow All Regulations