PS5 Controller Charger - Dual USB Charging Station for PlayStation 5

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  • Dual Charging Station
  • Wireless Charging
  • Docking Station
  • Slim, Sleek and Portable
  • Designed for PS5 Controllers

ECHTPower PS5 controller charger is designed for the PS5 controller, users will be able to charge up to two PS5 wireless controllers at once.


1.The intelligent micro control technology is applied to the circuit management to achieve high-efficiency conversion charging

2. It can charge 2 PS5 controllers at the same time

3. Use Type-C plug-in connector for charging, which is easy to be inserted in or pulled out from controller charging

4. Beautiful appearance and convenient placement

5. Low standby power consumption, power-saving and environmental protection

6. The built-in protection chip provides the safest protection for your controller.

Charging Instructions: 1. The power adapter of the 5V 2A Type-C interface or the power adapter of the USB interface can be used for power supply. 2. When the controller is charging, the charging indicator light of the controller lights up( flashing ); When the controller is fully charged, the indicator light goes out. Note: 1. When the charge level of the controller reaches about 80% or more, if you remove the controller and then plug it in, the controller may not be charged due to the battery protection function; you can continue to charge only after the battery level of the controller is below 80%. 2. The 5V power adapter with a current over 2A shall be used for the power supply. If the power supply power of the power adapter is insufficient, the charging indicator may flash without charging, in which case the power supply with larger power shall be used. 3. If the USB interface of the console is used and the output power current is less than 2A, the charging of the controller may be failed due to insufficient power of supply when 2 PS 5 controllers are being charged simultaneously, thus the power adapter with larger power shall be used.

Package Including: 1x ps5 controller charger 1x 0.8m cable 1x m