Survival Fire Starter Tool - 3 Piece Kit

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  • High Quality Wooden Handle & Durable Paracord Lanyard, 5/16" Ferro Rod - Will Provide Between 10,000 and 15,000 Strikes
  • Includes a Retractable Blow Tube to help Aid with Starting the Fire & A Convenient Velcro Storage Pouch with a Carabiner that Clicks on To Almost Anything
  • Don't Be Surprised, Be Ready - 550 Paracord Lanyard Will Strap to your Backpack, Camping Kitchen kit or Go Around Your Neck like a B.A. Survival Necklace
  • Perfect Gift for Outdoors Lovers- Camping, Hiking, Survival Kit, Bugout Kit, Doomsday Kit, Prepper Kit, Backpacking, Hunting and More
  • Scoutdoors Money Back Guarantee- If you're unhappy for any reason, let us know and we will make it right.


Scoutdoors specializes in making the best survival gear available today... Scoutdoors Survival Fire Starter Kit This includes a Wood Handled Ferro Rod with 550 Paracord Lanyard that holds the 4 in 1 Striker. The Striker is a Bottle Opener, Hex Wrench, Ruler and, obviously, the Striking Tool to start the fire that may save your life or the life of the ones you love! It also comes with a Retractable Blow Tube to aid in starting the fire and has it own plastic tube for storage. All of it fits nicely in the Velcro Storage Bag with a Carabiner that straps to your backpack, camping kitchen kit or on a necklace for ultimate preparedness.

This is the perfect gift for dad, grandpa, mom, grandma, or anyone else in your life that loves the outdoors. Whether Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Hunting or an addition to your Survival, Bug Out, Doomsday, Zombie Apocalypse, Emergency Kit- You will sleep a little easier knowing you have a couple of these laying around somewhere safe.

Dimensions: Wood Handle & Ferro Rod- 5"

Ferro Rod width- 5/16" Striker Multi Tool- 3"

Storage Bag- 7" Blow Tube- 19" extended, <4" retracted

550 Paracord Lanyard- 24" total, 12" tied, Perfect to carry around your neck, tie on to your backpack or tuck in your camping kitchen kit.

If you don't have fire or heat, you have a much lower chance of survival... Why Risk It? You and Your Family Don't Want Surprises but They Happen, Don't Get Caught Without This Great Survival Kit.