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Super Sweet Apple Addiction: Amazing Deer & Bear Attractant, Sprinkle over your corn or bait pile, great smell, 500X sweeter than sugar

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  • 500X sweeter than sugar, deer & bear can't resist
  • Add to bulk bait or sprinkle over top
  • Noticeable difference in how quick and how many animals hit your bait
  • Convenient 8oz shaker with tight sealing lid
  • Made in the USA, in WI where we know deer & bear

Product description

An unbelievable attractant and bait additive. At 500 times stronger than sugar a bear gets a taste and becomes addicted. They will detect the sweet aroma from great distances. Add 1- 8oz shaker to 1000 lbs. of bait. Or lightly sprinkle on top of your bait pile as a bait topper. Comes in a convenient 8 oz. shaker bottle.